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Enrolling in the IB Diploma Program at AISV

For current AISV students, the IB enrollment process begins in 10th grade when the AISV IB Coordinator, distributes intent forms, the document General Regulations: Diploma Programme, and the handbook you are reading to students. Students and their families read over those materials and then meet with AISV IB Coordinator to discuss their plans. As part of this process, students also hold conferences with individual subject teachers who aim to assess their strengths and weaknesses with an eye toward the selection of appropriate higher level and standard level courses.  Students currently enrolled in the 10th grade at AISV must submit the following documents to AISV IB Coordinator in order to be considered for the IB program:

  • The signed form International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme: Intent to Participate and Initial Recommendations
  • The signed form Acknowledgment and Acceptance:  General Regulations: Diploma Programme
  • The signed Statement of Academic Honesty

In addition to the above requirements, new students wishing to enroll in the IB program at AISV must complete all of the standard AISV admissions procedures and present the results of an English language assessment (such as Cambridge, ETS TOEFL, WIDA, etc.) that certifies functional fluency in the English language.


Admission to the IB Diploma Program

Admission to the IB Diploma Program will generally be governed by AISV’s formal Admission Policy. IB Program applicants will, however, need to meet some pre-requisites beyond those required for admission to the overall high school program. These include:

1.             Demonstrated functional fluency in English on a reputable English language test.

2.             Demonstrated ability to pursue the study of a second language at beginning, intermediate (or higher) level.

Every effort will be made to ensure balance and equality when admitting students to the IB Diploma program. The administration will ensure that only students who have a high demonstrated competency in all areas are admitted to the program.