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Overview of Latest IB Exam Results

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Overview of Latest IB Exam Results

Our Latest IB Results

Below you will find an overview of our latest IB examination results. We are proud of the commitment and achievement of our students and their outstanding work in the May 2017 exam session.


Unlike many IB world schools who only invite their top students to take IB examinations, at AISV we foster an inclusive atmosphere in which all students can choose the path that best meets their needs. For this reason, in the May 2017 session, all 26 of our seniors sat IB examinations, either as Course Candidates or full Diploma Candidates. This is 100% of all graduating students. Of this number, just over 80% were Diploma Candidates.

Variety and Challenge

In this last examination session, we offered examinations in 25 courses and ran 194 subject entries. This is our largest and most diverse exam session to date!


Our average Diploma score was 33 points, about 4 points higher than the world average.  Our students also scored above the world averages in 17 of their 25 subjects. Our pass rate is just above 95%. One of our students scored 43 points on her Diploma. This year 31% of our Diploma students were awarded a bilingual IB Diploma.