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ARIANA Represents AISV in the Seimas of RL

On the 07th of September 2012, culminated a 6 month painting festival, in which more than 3500 children from all over Lithuania participated and painted drawings of India as they saw it through their eyes. The Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania decided to honor 45 of these participants on the 20th anniversary of Indo-Lithuanian Diplomatic Relations, this date also coincided with the 2nd Anniversary of the Indo-Lithuanian Forum. This day was celebrated in the Lithuanian Seimas, and one of our very own students – Ariana Mitra from Grade 5 - was chosen to represent India at this grand occasion and pay a singing tribute to all the invitees and participants of the occasion, which she did with great élan and distinction. Megan Twining, our chair-person was personally present to give Ariana her and our support of the entire AISV community.

Thank you Ariana for holding high the baton of the AISV and we wish you success in all your future endeavors, and know that we as a team are and will always be together, one for all and all for one.