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A Field Trip to the Parliament of Lithuania

On January 16th, grade 8 went on a trip to the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania (Seimas). While at Seimas, the tour guide gave us a small introduction about Seimas and told us that it contains three buildings and they’ve been used as Parliament buildings since 1991. The first premise that she showed us was the conference room or, in other words, the Press room, where the journalists interview the parliament members, ministers, the Prime Minister and guests from other countries. It was very interesting to hear about the regulations of these press conferences. After that she showed us the main meeting hall where all the MPs and the ministers discuss about the new legislation in Lithuania. The conference hall was huge, it had about one hundred tables with seats that surrounded the main chair where the Speaker of the Parliament sits; every table contained a microphone. Later our class had a tour in the next building where the history of the Lithuanian Parliament lies. Walking there we saw many pictures of the important people in politics who have been working in the Parliament in the past. In the end, the guide showed us the main rooms where discussion with the President of Lithuania take place. I enjoyed this trip and learned a lot about the Parliament of Lithuania.      

By Laura, Grade 8