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Exploring Kernavė - the medieval capital of Lithuania

by Krista B., grade 6

The  6th graders together with teachers Mr. Griggs, Ms. Šukienė and Ms. Platonova  had an awesome trip to Kernavė, the first capital of Lithuania! They got to climb fort hills, dress as a cave people, go to a museum, see the artist Henrikas Orakauskas, and dig like archeologists. When our class got there, we  split into groups. Each group had to climb each fort hill. Then we went to the museum of archeology where Mr. Griggs told many interesting facts about the Stone Age.  We sketched some of the artifacts there. After that students went to the artist’s house to eat pancakes and grilled sausages and, of course, play games like shooting a cannon, throwing balls into a frog, and ride a carriage (pushed by their fellow classmates!). Next they went back to the museum for the hands on practice. Students dressed like cave people and dug like archeologists. That was a great trip!