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Grade 10 in Anykščiai - a Town of Famous Lithuanian Writers

by  Vasarė and Greta, grade 10 students 

  On October 6th grade 10 students went to Anykščiai. The field trip was organized by the Lithuanian teachers Ms. Ingrida and Ms. Asta. Anykščiai is a town in Northeast Lithuania, about 100km away from Vilnius. Right after the first bell we, native and non-native Lithuanian speakers of grade 10, got on two buses, and after an hour or two, reached the first destination of the trip - St. Matthew’s Church. We split into several groups. Our group got to climb up the steep stairs of the Bell Tower, which was about 33 meters tall and offered a nice view of the small town of Anykščiai. After a while we went to the famous Angel Museum, which opened just a few years ago. It had a tremendous collection of angel statues and pictures. Then we walked to the art studio where we were offered to try out paper marbling, also known as ebru art. It was a great experience! Each of us got a chance to express ourselves in a very different artistic way and we loved it! By the afternoon, most of us were pretty hungry, so we drove to a restaurant, called “Pasagėlė“ to try out traiditonal Lithuanian cuisine. Later we also visited the house of Jonas Biliūnas, a famous Lithuanian writer of later 19th/ early 20th century. The field trip was a lot of fun and we all had a great experience.