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The 100th Day of School Celebration at AISV

Thursday, February 5th, was the day when five classes rotated through lower school rooms to complete a different activities commemorating the 100 Days of School. Pre-K 3 danced and moved to 100 seconds of music. Pre-K 4 worked with 100 plastic objects in a bowl: there were three tables with a large bowl and each group had to sort and count 100 objects according to color. Kindergarten made paper glasses with the number 100 on it and so did each class by decorating and coloring their own paper glasses. 1st grade worked with a 100 chart with each class while 2nd grade made a book of 100 stamps for the Pre-K classes and then made a picture of what the other classes would look like at 100 years of age. All kids in Grades Pre-K 3 - Grade 3 had a variety of fun PE activities, relays and competitions to reach 100 points! It was an amazing day!