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Middle School Students Undertook a Great Adventure to Italy!

Imagine the winds of the Tyrrhenian sea blowing warm across your brow as you sail into the port of Messina. Imagine the cloudy mists rolling across the black volcanic rock in a crater of Mt. Etna, its sharp crevices still packed tightly with snow. Imagine standing in the shadows of the greatest and most well-preserved temples to the ancient Greek gods. Imagine gazing from antique theatres, through crumbling colonnades, onto colorful villages below. There! Imagine the best-preserved Roman mosaics in the world. Imagine the rumble of the night train below you as you blaze back to Rome. Now realize: 19 lucky students from our school no longer have to imagine these things. They have seen them with their own eyes and experienced them while others can still only imagine. They were a joy to travel with, and I will remember the time we spent together for a long time to come.   - Dr. Matthew Griggs, Social Studies Teacher/IB Coordinator