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Grade 6 Explores the Ancient Capital of Lithuania

On Wednesday, September 23rd, grade 6 students together with the teachers Ms. Platonova, Ms. Šukienė and Mr. Griggs were on a field trip to Kernavė - the first capital of Lithuania.

First we climbed on very high former fort hills and admired the very beautiful view from up there. Later, we got a chance to get into the model houses of the prehistoric people. In addition, we explored the ancient artifacts in the archeological museum of Kernavė. We even could make our own mini pots in a technique used by the prehistoric people and tried to act like archeologists. Finally, we met a very interesting artist named Henrikas Orakauskas. He creates nice interactive sculptures. We enjoyed Kernavė a lot and hope to come back there again for more explorations!


By: Liv Valery, gr. 6