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Grade 10 in Anykščiai - the Town of Famous Lithuanian Authors and Culinary Heritage

On Wednesday, September 16th, grade 10 students went on a filed-trip to Anykščiai. While there, we visited a church tower  - it‘s one of the tallest church towers in Lithuania and it was like a museum with beautiful views of the city and forests arround. We were divided in groups there to read and explore about the famous Lithuanian authors that were presented there.


Later on, we got a chance to participate in butter and cheese making workshop – the way it was done in old days.We tried the products we made and it was was delicious! After, one group of students  went to Jonas Biliūnas, a famous Lithuanian author‘s, Museum, while others  went to the Train Museum – they enjoyed exploring an old train station and getting to ride a manual cart.  That was a great fieldtrip!


By Laura, Gr. 10 student