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Grade 9 Trip to Druskininkai

On Tuesday, the 29th of September, 9th grade students together with Lithuanian language teachers Ms. Asta Šukienė and Ms. Ingrida Poškuvienė, went on a field trip to Druskininkai.  Shortly before arriving, the students saw many wooden statues by Lithuanian craftsmen - the statues were taken to the road between Verėna and Druskininkai, the road was dubbed “Čiurlionis Road” to commemorate Čiurlionis’– the great Lithuanian artist and composer.

After arriving, the group visited a salt workshop. The workshop venue had the river Ratnyčia nearby that was blending with natural salts in the area, so when evaporated, the water from the river would leave a liquid salt behind which could be turned into solid salt. The students made sculptures from salt-made clay and also shaped and engraved many salt blocks. After having lunch at the café Velvetti, 9th grade went on a search for the paintings of Čiurlionis within the nearby park and visited the Čiurlionis’ museum, built into the artist’s old home, where they learned about his background, while also walking through his home, which allowed them to get an even deeper outlook into Čiurlionis’ life.  9th grade then returned home, after a tiring, but fun and educating day.

By Tahir, grade 9 student