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 On October 12th, grades 6, 7 and 8 had a scavenger hunt in Vilnius old town. We had to find the letters using the clues, for example, we had to find two letters on the doors of St. Ann’s church. The most fun thing about that activity was that we were walking in the old town of Vilnius. We were divided into six groups, so we could work together. Sometimes to work in teams was challenging, but still it made us be friendlier to each other. Finding the letters was really difficult because a couple of clues were related to Lithuanian history, like the task near book shop. There we had to know the author of the first printed book in the Lithuanian language. Afterwards, we got a small but nice surprise - we went to the café where we ate pancakes with berry jam. We also gave some bread to the ducks that were swimming in the River Vilnele. At the end of the activity we made a phrase from all those letters we found – and it was TEAM WORKS! It was really a fun and educating activity where we also got better knowledge of Vilnius’ old town.


By Lina, Gr.6