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At the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuania


On Friday, November 20th, grade 9 nonnative speakers of Lithuanian class together with  their teacher Ms. Asta  went to the Palace of Grand Dukes to learn about the medieval and later life of Lithuanian people. Our guide was a political scientist and a historian as well as a scholar on Grand Dutchy of Lithuania era. As young inquirers we created a list of questions that we were wondering about. It was quite a long list, but the guide answered all the questions. There were question such as “Where were Grand Dukes Vytautas and Gediminas born? “;  “When did Vilnius become “the real” capital? “ ; “How did the life of people look like at the Palace of Grand Dukes?”, and many more. Our guide showed us lots of everyday life items, such as a jug for water in a lion’s shape, 16th century forks, old plates, etc. Also she explained us everyday life habits of that time. It was one of the most interesting  trips we had this school year.  

By Artsiom, Gr.9