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Grade 8 at the Lithuanian Parliament

On May 2nd,  grade 8 students went to the Lithuanian Parliament. We got a tour of three main buildings of the Parliament. We saw many wonderful and interesting places inside and outside of the parliament such as the Parliament session room, the media room, the President of Lithuania room, the Constitution room and some others. We were given the privilege of sitting in the same seats as the Members of Parliament would sit. We also were able to see the European Union agreement. Our guide was very knowledgeable and we were very pleased with how many interesting facts she told to us. We also were able to learn some history on Lithuania’s independence. We also learnt how different laws are passed and what powers each branch of state governance has. We also learnt about different speakers of the Parliament and Presidents of Lithuania. We saw wonderful gifts that were given by other countries to the Parliament of Lithuania such as silver plate, gold dragon, sword, a box that was decorated with diamonds, etc. The trip was very informative and we will be waiting for other trips.


By Misha and Kendyl, gr 8