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A Social Afternoon for New Students organized by AISV Student Ambassadors


A fun social day for the new students at AISV took place on Saturday, September 3rd. A group of continuing students, AISV ambassadors, have offered several team-bonding activities for new students to get to know each other better. Each year, AISV is growing community, so through the help of student ambassadors we are trying try to make our new students feel welcome and engage them in school life.

The weather in Lithuania is known to be extremely unpredictable, and it surprised all of us that day as well. The rain didn’t let the kids enjoy the upper playground and the soccer pitch, but despite that, it was a lot of fun. Students from 1st to 10th Grades had a great time playing musical chairs, relay and a chair race in the computer lab. The students also enjoyed the snacks and drinks of the event.  So we feel we all had a fun afternoon filled with a good laugh and making of new friendships. 

By Arina, Gr. 11 Student