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Grade 4 Excursion to the Lithuanian Theatre, Music, and Cinema Museum

Grade 4 students have been exploring how cultures influence people’s ways to express themselves. Under this theme, students were fortunate to attend the Lithuanian Theatre, Music, and Cinema Museum to participate in a puppet show based upon the Brothers Grimm tale of Briar Rose, also known as Sleeping Beauty on Thursday, 29th September. Having practiced a script based upon the tale in class, students received the opportunity to put their talent to work using puppets.  Before the show students were shown various forms of puppets, and materials to make puppets.  There was eager anticipation amongst the students to undertake the play.  Students were guided through the stage directions by the manger.  Once students knew their positions, the puppet play commenced.  All students gave it their best, and should be very proud of their efforts to perform with puppets with little to no practice.  The smiles and laughter of the students indicated it was a successful field trip enjoyed by all.


Mark Smith, Grade 4 teacher