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Recent Activities and Events

Recent Activities and Events


Middle School Old Town Scavenger Hunt


On Friday, September 1st, all the middle school went on a scavenger hunt all over Vilnius old town. The middle school was divided into five teams. The final goal was to complete all the tasks created by the end of the two hours and thirty minutes that were given. Students also got maps to help them develop their orientation skills. They were in charge of leading the team to the destinations. During the time given students not only had fun but also learned and explored. They found out all about the colors and components of the Baltic amber as well as how old it is. Students looked for the narrowest street in Vilnius, visited the cathedral's bell tower, learned about the Jewish cuisine and tasted bagels, walked through the tunnel of Love, looked how the building built in the gothic style looks like and much more… Overall I think this was a fantastic trip and I would repeat the experience if I could.


By Alejandro, grade  7 student