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AISV Students & Teachers “Lend Their Voices” for Recording Characters for the Coursebook “Vaivorykštė”

Grade 4 students (Didi Sinai, Joseph S., Joseph T., Elze and Isabella) and Ms. Bibiana Rosas went to the Recording Studio in the National Library to record for the English section of the textbook “Vaivorykštė” published by the Baltos Lankos Book Publishing Company. The students did a great job. A big thank you goes to them and Ms. Bibiana Rosas for this valuable help.

Six years ago the publishing house “Baltos lankos” introduced a new course book series “Vaivorykštė” (The Rainbow) for primary classes. The course book provides innovative approach to teaching as it encourages cross-curricular activities and integrated learning. The first in the series course book for the first grade was introduced to teachers and learners in 2010. Four years ago the course book for the second grade was developed and included a new subject – English as the first foreign language. The lessons of English were developed in consultation with the British Council which has an extensive experience of developing teaching and learning material and products for English. The English lessons were developed as content and language integrated learning materials.

AISV as a former partner institution of the British Council has been taking part in recording the book characters for listening activities for a few years. A group of students of different ages as well as parents and teachers  were asked to act out a number of characters used in the course book.