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A Trip to Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition at Ozas Shopping Center

            „Yay!“ - someone screamed from behind. As we were walking up by the ice cream shop, all of a sudden we saw a man, but wait - it wasn't a man. This was a wax sculpture. Mr. Arūnas said,“That is Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous inventor, painter, war engineer, etc.!“ Then as we came up to the standing wax statue of Da Vinci, in a few seconds we were all drifting in our minds thinking about the time of Da Vinci and how he lived. As we were walking along, we couldn't believe our ears when the guide said that Da Vinci had the highest IQ in the world! He invented all sorts of things from cannons and tanks, to helicopter wings, and wings of a plane.  The sad thing is to find out though ( which sounded shocking) was that most of his inventions were not used.

By Kristupas, Grade 7 student