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AISV Mission, Vision and Values

AISV Mission, Vision and Values - adopted in April 2015



Inspiring, Motivating, Empowering all learners to succeed!


Here at AISV we are committed to ensuring all students reach their full potential.


  • High quality education    
  • International mindedness
  • Innovative culture
  • Inquiry based learning and teaching
  • Supportive community



High quality education        

  •  AISV has highly qualified and educated teachers
  •  AISV offers the IB Diploma program and a standards based, inquiry driven curriculum
  •  AISV promotes extra and co-curricular activities
  •  AISV promotes professional growth for staff
  • AISV commits to sustainable facility development

International mindedness

  •  AISV educates world citizens
  • AISV embraces international staff and students
  • AISV uses the IB learner profile to guide all learners
  • AISV offers and supports the learning of many languages
  • AISV commits to being environmentally responsible

Innovative culture

  • AISV supports creative teaching methods
  • AISV integrates technology across the curriculum
  • AISV supports students individual thought and supports acting on those thoughts
  • AISV supports and encourages diverse learning opportunities

Inquiry based learning and teaching

  • AISV supports student curiosity
  • AISV encourages students to question
  • AISV believes inquiry drives learning 
  • AISV develops problem solving skills

Supportive community

  • AISV is committed to each and every students’ success
  • AISV cultivates partnerships among parents, students and staff
  • AISV nurtures a supportive and reflective community
  • AISV supports the local Lithuanian culture and community